Interactive Learning Through Video

Better learning comes with a visual touch. ScreenSight is the all-in-one screen recording tool for teaching remotely. Engage your students, wherever they are.

Why Educational Organizations Use ScreenSight

Asynchronous Learning
Lecture Capture
Video Library
1:1 Messaging
Group Messaging
Video Engagement Tracking


Did you know video clips amplify learning by 80%?

Studies have shown that adding video to traditional teaching methods strengthens individual learning. When students can see and hear your lesson even in a remote environment, they report greater motivation, stronger memory retention, and deeper understanding.


Save time and send videos in just a few clicks.

Transform your lectures into shareable videos of any length. Students can pause, rewind, and speed up to meet their individual needs. Share a diverse library of video content students can come back to at their own pace.


Keep the class engaged, even outside the classroom.

Deliver an interactive, accessible learning experience inside and outside the classroom. Remote learning doesn’t have to be dry or boring. ScreenSight enables direct messaging and comments directly-on-videos so you can continue the conversation.


Gain insight into student engagement and understanding, video by video.

Track view counts and rates, and how long your students engage with each video. ScreenSight takes the guesswork out of remote learning – see in real-time how your students are interacting with the material and with each other.

All The Features You’ll Ever Need

Video Recording

Record, edit, and share videos with prospects, customers, and teammates - all from your browser or mobile device.

Screen Recording

Simple screen recording that allows you to share presentations, complex ideas, and more in a way that captures attention and increases engagement.

Video Hosting

Designed with large storage capacity, store all your videos directly within your Screensight account for an all-in-one solution.

GIF Thumbnails

Generate a custom GIF preview for your video thumbnails for a way to capture more attention through online sharing.


Never forget an important point - create custom scripts to read and follow while you film your unique video.

Custom Branding

Make your brand stand out with a personalized logo, color scheme, and overall feel that's custom to your business.

Link Sharing

After you've created your video, share it quickly via text, social media, or through other online communication platforms.

Email Sharing

The ScreenSight platform allows you to share videos via email in-app.

Password Protection

If your video contains personal info or sensitive data, require viewers to enter a password before they are able to watch for extra security.

Gmail Integration

Record, send, and track video statistics directly from your existing Gmail account and inbox for a truly seamless communication experience.

Social Media Sharing

Widen your audience by pushing videos to LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.


Your viewers can comment, question, or reply on the video landing page. See a timestamp of when during your video each comment was written.

Direct Messages

More than just video, use text or voice messaging to enhance your communication - and have it all available in search.


Upgraded folder organization lets you create a Thread for any team, topic, or project that is viewable inside & outside your organization.

Calls to Action

Enhance your videos with custom buttons and links that drive your viewers to take the next step so you can increase your conversions.

Calendly Integration

Let your customers book meetings with you by integrating ScreenSight with your Calendly application.


Keep track of who's watching your videos with notifications when your customers open and view each video.

Audience Engagment

Get customized data that shows which specific customers opened your videos and how long they watched.

Analytics Dashboard

Get better insights into engagement with intuitive data on viewers, time watched, and overall engagement.

View Counts

Utilize at-a-glance statistics for each video that show you the number of views.

CRM Integration

ScreenSight is capable of integrating into many leading CRM platforms.

AI Transcriptions

Boost accessibility and increase clarity with AI summaries and transcriptions paired with your videos.

Unlock the Power of Video for Education