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Why Support teams use ScreenSight

Increased efficiency

Asynchronous video messaging allows customer support teams to review and respond to customer inquiries more quickly and efficiently - reducing wait times and improving customer experience.

Improved customer satisfaction

By providing an interactive, personalized video experience, support teams can improve customer satisfaction and build trust between their customers and their business.

Cost savings

ScreenSight saves businesses money by reducing the need for additional customer support staff. Videos are an evergreen “one to many” asset that can be used for multiple scenarios.


With async video messaging, customer support staff can respond to customer inquiries from anywhere, anytime, giving them more freedom and flexibility in how they manage support operations.

Easier reporting

Async video messaging can track customer inquiries, giving customer support staff a better understanding of customer needs and allowing businesses to better monitor their support operations.



Add links to help articles and other resources from within your video.

Engagement insights

See who’s watched, for how long and how your CTAs are performing.

Content security

Restrict viewing by email address and add password protection.

Custom branding

Add your logo to your video’s share page and customize the video player’s colors.

Use Cases

Product Education

Visuals make for much faster (and clearer) understanding. In your support documentation or knowledge base, you can include training & tutorial videos to show customers how to use your product and its features. You can also use ScreenSight’s async video messaging to provide prepared answers to commonly asked questions, or capture segments from your product webinars.

Customer Onboarding

Video support drastically improves the customer’s experience during onboarding. Use ScreenSight to help your customers get acquainted with your product. With camera overlay and screen recording, it’s never been easier to show users exactly how to use your product, while building a personal connection with them at the same time.

Support Chat Assistance

Speed up resolution times and supplement your support chats with recorded messages. With video, audio, and direct messaging enabled, ScreenSight empowers support staff to resolve problems across multiple communication channels. On both sides - the customer sharing their issue, the support representative responding to it - video is a quick way for both parties to get on the same page. By sharing text with video, you also reduce the chances of your customers encountering the same problem again.

Video is an excellent "one to many" communication tool. Increase your webinar attendance and engage with your audience in whatever time zone that suits them - all through pre-recorded, asynchronous webinars. Showcase new features, train support team members, answer FAQs for customers, and more through ScreenSight.

Asynchronous Webinars

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